The senior traditional Chinese medical doctors at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) respect and utilize the combination of TCM and the modern medicine. They impart the essence of TCM and abide by the rules of human-in-nature, yin-yang and the “five elements.” These treatments are based on TCM classics, such as “The Inner Cannon of Huangdi,” the treatise on exogenous febrile disease, (the Sheng Nong herbal classic. The mission of the department is “offering sincere love and salvation,” and the patients receive optimal and personal care and TCM therapy in concert with modern medicine for their health and well-being.
The key feature of TCM is the individualized treatment plan for each patient according to his/her condition, based on dialectical therapy and holistic view. In many years of practice, the TCM department has successfully treated many difficult diseases, including paralysis, coma, brain injury, tumor, Parkinson disease, diabetes, coronary heart disease, digestive tract disease, chronic cough, joint pain, menstrual disorder, infertility, cervical spondylosis, depression, sleep disorders, skill disease. These doctors accomplish their good work by masterful application of treatments such as: filiform needle, electoral needle, moxa-moxibustion, fire needle, teasing needle, blood-letting puncture, auricular needle, cupping air, Gua Sha, manipulation, and oral TCM medicines.
In combine with the modern medicine, TCM has developed many innovative treatments which are well recognized by patients in China and overseas. This classic discipline continues to help patients on the path of rehabilitation to a better life.