The Department of Oncology at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) was founded in 2008, and is composed of 2 chief doctors from the Beijing Cancer Hospital: Zhongqi Xue and Yuliang Zhao. Under the guidance of these experts, the Oncology Service is active in applied medical research. The research areas include: molecular targeting treatment for malignant tumor, traditional Chinese medicine, and individualized chemotherapy. The department insists on professional development and innovative treatment. By classification, the department is divided into several specialty areas: breast cancer, lung cancer, digestive system neoplasm, lymphoma and soft tissue tumor, with a variety of standardized treatments for each group. The Department of Oncology promotes the utilization of evidence-based medicine, which will benefit many patients for years to come.

The Department of Oncology actively develops new technology and treatments, with new and innovative tests for tumor patients. 

The Department of Oncology is aimed to help the patients and benefit society. By its advanced medical techniques and ethics, the Department of Oncology provides its tumor patients with precise, high-quality and highly-effective medical services.